Promotion and territorial marketing are today fundamental instruments to increase the awareness of a territory and to intercept the needs of tourists

The Plus Planet realizes plans of promotion and territorial marketing to promote territories and tourist destinations: from the creation of the brand, to the identification and structuring of the tourist products to the positioning actions on the market.

Here are the main services of promotion and territorial marketing that we offer:

  1. Web Marketing: From the creation and realization of portals of presentation of the Territories and marketing of the individual products, to the creation of specific blogs, to all the actions aimed at the positioning on the search engines of the different countries of interest.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Actions of presentation, narrative and promotion of the Territory through the main social networks.
  3. Newsletter: Management of newsletter tools to establish direct relations with operators and/or end users aimed at the presentation and promotion of the Territory
  4. Organization of Educational tours for tour operators and agencies and/or journalists and workshops for operators of specific markets.
  5. User profiling
  6. Management tourist store, sale of products and tourist services.

Thanks to the collaboration with qualified partners such as the Florence tourist Centre, we are able to carry out analyses of the tourist flows within individual territories in order to find reference markets and demand trends, thus studying the best solution for the promotion and marketing of a specific territory.

Contact our offices and discover with us how best to enhance and promote your destination.